Subsidence Reports

Our team can provide assessments on both the trees and surrounding soil to help determine the potential for or cause of damage.

Trees have the ability to influence the soil around them, which may lead to subsidence in buildings close by. This ability is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Tree species;
  • Tree maturity;
  • Proximity to property and the conditions between;
    • Soil type, and;
    • Building construction

If your property is showing signs of damage and trees nearby are suspected as being the cause, whether in your ownership or on neighbouring land, you may need to provide evidence to demonstrate to, particularly if trees are protected. Normally you would first contact your insurer and evidence would be gathered by a structural engineer. Particularly where protected trees are implicated this would need to be supported by:

An Arboricultural Report – providing specialist detail on the trees involved, including their ability to influence soil, both now and in the future;

A Structural Report – providing structural details, the damage observed, the nature of any building movement and investigation into potential causes of damage, and;

A Geotechnical Report – providing information on the ability for soil to be influenced by vegetation.

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