Tree Surveying and Reports - Condition and hazard assessments

No matter whether you own a single property or have an extensive land holding, all landowners have a legal duty of care to ensure their trees are maintained safely.

Our team carry out visual tree assessments, risk assessments, provide reports, management recommendations, and contract management to ensure the work is carried out correctly. We can help to both meet your legal obligations and ensure your trees are maintained as a valuable asset.

Visual Tree Assessments

The condition of trees is assessed from the ground, looking at their overall health and identifying any problems or defects that require remediation or further, more detailed investigation;

Risk Assessments

In conjunction with Visual Tree Assessments these look at the potential for trees to cause damage or injury, assessing the likelihood of an occurrence and what impact that would have. This allows for remedial work to be identified and prioritised;

Reports and Management Recommendations

You know what needs to be done and how soon. Our reports will clearly set this out, providing both the evidence required for submitting applications for Protected Trees and work specifications for contractors. This helps you to get all work completed in good time to ensure you meet your legal obligations;

Contract Management

Contractor selection and supervision is an important consideration. You need to ensure your contractor is able to carry out the work safely, meeting any legal requirements, particularly when working in public areas. They need to have appropriate insurance to provide you with peace of mind. They also need to have appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out the work correctly, both to meet any conditions under any relevant planning approval and maintain the health of your trees.

Common law duty of care

All landowners owe this to their neighbours – if what you do, or fail to do, on your property, causes problems for those next to you, you could be held liable;

Occupiers’ Liability Act

Under statutory law all landowners have a duty of care to those that are, or can reasonably be expected to be, present on their property. A failure to take reasonable action to protect others on your property that leads to harm, can result in you being held liable.

In both cases, with respect to trees, the duty of care obliges landowners to take reasonable action to prevent their trees causing damage or injury to others.

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