BS8596 Surveying for Bats in Trees

All UK bats and their roosts are protected by law. If you manage trees or woodland you must meet legal requirements to follow best practice in avoiding killing, injuring or disturbing bats or damaging or destroying their roosts.

At Suffolk Treescape we have professional inspectors that can survey your trees or woodland you manage to look for bats and roosts.

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What does a BS8596 bat survey include?

Standard BS8596 bat surveys involve the surveying of trees for signs of bats, such as droppings, roosts and footprints. Through an analysis of these signs, Suffolk Treescape can provide a comprehensive report to determine if there is any current or potential future activity within the tree. This information will help inform any decision making process in regards to the tree.

BS8596 bat surveys may also include the use of surveillance equipment such as a thermal imaging camera or an acoustic detector to identify any activity, giving an accurate picture of the potential presence of bats in and around the tree. This is essential for any works that need to be undertaken on trees in areas where bats are known to frequent, ensuring that the bats and their roosts can be identified and protected from any damage or disturbance.

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