Mortgage Tree Reports

Suffolk Treescape provides mortgage tree reports for home owners in Ipswich, Woodbridge and the surrounding areas of Suffolk. Our team of qualified arborists assess trees on your property to determine whether they could be a potential risk to nearby structures, or impact future building plans.

We provide an independent assessment of any trees identified as posing a risk, and recommend the most appropriate course of action. With mortgage tree reports from Suffolk Treescape, you can make an informed decision about your trees with confidence.

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What is a mortgage tree report?

Before granting a mortgage to a home buyer the mortgage company may require a report to assess the potential for nearby trees to damage property. Whereas a subsidence tree report looks at the cause of existing damage, the mortgage report looks at the potential for future damage, and hence the security of the mortgage lender’s investment.

In addition to the ability for trees to influence soil and cause subsidence, trees can also cause direct damage to buildings and structures via:

Branches touching buildings, and; Branches or trees falling onto buildings.

The Mortgage report identifies any factors present that could result in property damage from trees. It also provides recommendations for work to both reduce the potential for property damage and manage general tree safety. It does not provide any probability of risk of property damage on its own, but may be used in conjunction with Structural and Geotechnical reports.

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